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 Publisher: AGD Interactive\\ Publisher: AGD Interactive\\
 \\ \\
-//The King's Quest II: Romancing ​the Stones remake follows ​in the tradition of AGDI's King's Quest IQuest for the Crown remake, ​containing updated graphics and the familiar Sierra Point-and-Click interface systemBut this time there is also an added storyline, deeper plotfleshed-out characters, clever puzzles, enhanced artwork, music, atmosphere, depth, culture, and more - basicallythe whole nine yards!//+//Following in the tradition of the updated King's Quest I and King's Quest II enhanced remakes, we are proud to present ​the next installation ​in the popular King'​s ​Quest series.  ​King's Quest IIITo Heir is Human Redux, resumes from where our previous ​remake, ​King's Quest II: Romancing ​the Stones, ended ​Featuring stunning new background artwork, ​an innovative digital musical scorehigh-quality voice acting, and a number of other refinements and additionsthis is AGD Interactive'​s finest remake ever - a must play!//
 [[kq3#​Release Information|Release Information]]\\ [[kq3#​Release Information|Release Information]]\\
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